Kamoa Copper SA continues to build the next generation of leaders and industry advocates

KOLWEZI, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, AUGUST 03, 2023 – Kamoa Copper SA through its Transformation Department hosted a beautiful and vibrant ceremony this Thursday on 03/08, to congratulate the 2022 cohort of Stellenbosch Business School’s Management Development Program (MDP) and celebrate the commencement of 2023 session of the Kipaji Development Program.
This event was hosted to further emphasis the importance the company places on personal and professional development, it is part of Kamoa Copper global transformation program that aims to foster Congolese talent and give them the necessary tools to become the next generation leaders and industry advocates in the DRC.

It was a joyous moment for each of the graduates as they crossed the stage to receive their certificate from the Stellenbosch Business School, handed directly from the Managing Director, Riaan Vermeulen and the Chief Executive, Commercial, Annebel Oosthuizen.

During his address to the 2022 graduates and 2023 candidates, Riaan said “qualifications and courses, such as the program you are on, give you a sense of power but remember these are all tools to make you a better person. Now that you’re equipped, you must work on your competence because that’s what will help you deliver in your space as a leader.”
When reflecting on the program one of the graduates said “it wasn’t easy combining both work and training, but we managed to complete it. Before this program I had a lot of self-doubt but now I know that I have skills and abilities to influence my environment and contribute to others journey.
This event was also an opportunity to welcome the 30 new candidates to the Kipaji Development Program. They had to go through the career development panels consisting of managers and head of departments to be selected and given this opportunity to participate to the Kipaji Program.
Speaking on the program, one of the candidates expressed that she was eager to learn and develop herself to be able to seize more opportunities. She also said that she expects the program to equip her with the necessary tools to become the first female mine manager in the near future.
On her closing remarks, Chief Executive, Commercial, Annebel Oosthuizen gave two different instructions to the graduates and the candidates. To the first group she said you have been equipped with everything you need to be “Excellent”, and she defined by “being of service” to colleagues, to the company without waiting for recognition. And added that the beauty of excellence is that it makes you unforgettable.
To the candidates she then instructed them to be “Brave” because this course is going to help them explore themselves, push them into boundaries that may not be comfortable with, that’s why it requires bravery. She affirmed that bravery teaches one how to fail and the minute one is comfortable with it, they become bigger because they are no longer afraid.